Clinical immunology is the field of medicine that, through laboratory testing, endeavors to first understand which directive is malfunctioning. Through further blood tests we can usually answer the question of which of the five possible causes led to its failure. Then by using a variety of immuno-active agents, nutritional supplements and detoxifiers we endeavor to reconstitute the immune system so that it can re-engage in the healing process whether it be a situation of; immune deficiency, an auto-immune disease, severe allergy, post Lyme Disease syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or other immune dysfunction such as cancer. To stop and heal from any severe or chronic disease thus requires an addressing of the underlying issues of stress, infection, toxin or nutritional deficiency to create a movement towards health.
Our treatment approach may include a combination of: Immuno-active substances An individualized diet program Nutritional supplementation to support the healing process IV therapy to more quickly support your immune system and resolve nutritional deficiencies Laboratory tests to further clarify and diagnose your problems and to identify issues of; immune damage, toxins, stress, infection, nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances Stress modification therapies Energetic medicine including Acupuncture and Homeopathy. (more)

9/15 - The Long Island CareGivers™ Alliance awards Dr. Jesse Stoff the co-chairman of the executive board. Joined by Linchitz Medical Wellness Center president (Laurel Muckey) and educational director Carmen Regallo-Dewitt, the Stoff team is about to embark in a CareGivers™ sponsored fundraising branch called "THE BRIGHTER WAY"; a joint-venture with his grant-finding program S.I.M.R. (The Stoff Institute for Medical Research) to create the first major grant catalog to find moneys for patients with severe-to-terminal medical issues. (photo insert: Dr. Stoff w/ CareGivers co-founder Dr. Andrew J. Rochman)

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Stoff & Linchitz Medical Wellness offers immune supportive therapies for patients who are battling malignancy and auto-immune disorders. Under the medical leadership of world renowned homeopathic physician and licensed clinical immunologist Dr. Jesse Stoff, our medical experts have treated countless patients from the Long Island area (and beyond) who have battled with CANCERS, AIDS, COPD, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME and an extensive host of autoimmune diseases in any and all stages of severity..

Supporting the immune system can make the critical difference in the clinical outcome of therapy. For patients who are already in remission, supporting the immune system can improve the length of remission. Together, both arms of the immune system play a major role in regulating the growth of diseases.

IMMUNOLOGY 101: Dr. Jesse Stoff delivers a comprehensive seminar about Immunotherapy and its ability to increase the body's defense against ALL diseases. Recorded from the Long Island Navel Expo (11/15) and was part of an educational wellness series.

The immune response to cancer involves both the T and B cell mediated compartments of the adaptive arm of the immune system. The integrity of the adaptive immune system is based on the ability of lymphocytes to re-circulate between the blood, somatic tissues and lymphoid tissues, recognize the collected antigens and respond against them. Onco-immunology is the science of reactivating an immune response to recognize abnormal cancer antigens, destroy them and remember what it did. The response can be separated into several distinct phases. Failure at any point in the immune cascade results in the cancer cells escaping detection and destruction. A failure to recognize or destroy is called anergy. (more)

By definition, an allergic reaction is defined as a hyper-reactivity toward normally non-immunogenic substances. In English that means that, for any one of a number of reasons, your body is reacting abnormally against something that it shouldn't be with an immunological response, usually because the immune system has sustained some damage. This time of year many people are beginning to suffer with upper respiratory tract allergies with the usual; coughing, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and the like. Just because it is a common problem for people to have, that doesn't make it normal nor does it mean that YOU have to be one of the sufferers. At least one out of every 5 Americans suffers from some form of allergies. Common causes of allergy symptoms vary by age group... The immune system's complexity rivals that of the central nervous system and is responsible for determining what is threatening us and then protecting us from it. In order for it to do its job it needs good biochemical support, via absorbed nutrients from our digestive tract, and then basically we need to get out of the way and let it do its job. (more)

Ongoing advances in medicine have lead to new procedures to collect, concentrate and activate our adult stem cells and then use them in a focused way to re-ignite the repair process of chronically damaged organs, tissue structures and the immune system. As we age many things happen that hampers the ability of our stem cells to activate and repair damage. The healing process slows down as a result of; a shift in our hormone balance, the accumulation of toxins or the depletions of critical vitamins and trace minerals. For example, a little baby can lose most of a finger, but due to the activity of their stem cells, they have the capability of regenerating a functional finger. As adults the smallest cut may take weeks to repair and even then it may heal incompletely. Scars, chronic ulcers, or non-healing wounds may result especially in those patients suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular disease. (more)